Cone Beam CT (3-D X-Rays)

Traditional x-rays that show the teeth in two dimensions have been used for decades to evaluate teeth for cavities, infections, fractures, and other problems. While these x-rays are still the most commonly taken x-rays in our office, we also have a Cone Beam CT (CBCT) machine which allows Dr. Bousaba to evaluate the teeth and bone in three dimensions. Three dimensional x-rays help to identify problems that can be easily overlooked with traditional two-dimensional x-rays.

How does a CBCT differ from a traditional CT scan?

A CBCT CT emits 10 times less radiation than a traditional CT. Also, capturing a Cone Beam CT image takes about 15 seconds and is completed with the patient is standing up.

Dr. Bousaba uses this technology when performing root canal therapy, placing dental implants, and completing bone grafting. This allows us to identify nerves, tooth, and bone dimensions that significantly improve the predictability of care provided. Contact us today for a 3-D evaluation of your teeth and bones!