Full Mouth Reconstruction – In Richmond, VA

A full mouth reconstruction, full mouth restoration, and full mouth rehabilitation are all terms that are often used to describe a functional rebuilding of many or all teeth using dental restorative materials on the upper and lower arches simultaneously. This service is warranted when significant tooth structure is compromised from the presence of dental cavities, previous dental work, tetracycline staining, and/or in the event that certain teeth are missing.

Dr. Bousaba will first obtain advanced dental records to assess the various paths in which he may be able to reconstruct your teeth. This would include a set of dental photographs, digital impressions of your teeth, and updating any x-rays as needed.

A full mouth rehabilitation has elements of smile design involved, but the greatest difference between a smile makeover and a full mouth rehabilitation is that a smile makeover is elective and a full mouth rehabilitation is essential to maintain your teeth.

Any of the following situations may be appropriate for a full mouth reconstruction:

  • Severe loss of tooth structure from grinding or acid erosion
  • Loss of teeth due to tooth decay or trauma
  • Longstanding muscle or jaw pain that originates from an unstable bite position that may result in headaches, jaw popping, and/or tooth wear

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