Smile Design – In Richmond, VA

Creating a beautiful smile is a complex balance of art, science, and function; it goes well beyond having teeth that are simply straight and/or white. This is the basis of the concept of smile design. A smile is a characteristic that must be customized to an individual and is beautifully unique.

Porcelain restorations used by Dr. Bousaba to improve the function and esthetics of this patient’s smile.

Dr. Bousaba has undergone extensive training through the Dawson Academy and Spear Education, both of which are advanced training centers for dentists. There is not always one correct path to achieving the smile of your dreams, but Dr. Bousaba will provide options for achieving your desired result.

Our smile design appointment begins with an evaluation of a patient’s jaw joint (TMJ) and bite. We then capture a series of photos that not only allows Dr. Bousaba to illustrate and communicate treatment options with the patient, but also allows him to communicate with dental laboratories to produce the most natural looking crowns and veneers. The final step in the smile design process is capturing a digital, 3-dimensional rendering of your teeth so that we can mount your teeth in our dental simulator. This allows us to plan and design any changes that we want to make for your teeth for improving your smile or bite. We are able to give you a design of the proposed outcome so you can visualize the outcome.

Beautiful teeth are unique, balanced, textured, and characterized. The beauty of creating an ideal smile is that we often have a great deal of freedom in provided our patients with their own customized smile that fits each person differently.

Creating a beautiful smile may involve the use of a variety of dental materials such as porcelain and/or composite bonding and various techniques such as crowns, veneers, bridges, and/or dental implants.

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