Complete and Partial Dentures – In Richmond, VA

Dentures are a removable option to replace single or multiple teeth. Dentures are stabilized primarily by resting on the gums and can be used to chew and/or for esthetic purposes to restore spaces resulting from missing teeth.

What is the difference between complete and partial dentures?

If an individual is missing all of his or her teeth, complete dentures can be made to replace esthetics and function. If only some teeth are missing and there are still a good number of healthy teeth, a partial denture may be more suitable. Partial dentures can clasp to healthy teeth to improve the retention of the prosthesis.

Can implants be used with dentures?

Implants can also be used to help improve the stability of dentures. One or two implants will greatly improve the retention of a removable denture. This will allow for a denture that can still be taken out of the mouth daily, but it will likely take a bit of effort. Placement of four to six implants can be used to retain a denture that you will be unable to remove. These types of dentures are often referred to as “All-on-4” dentures, but the technical term is a fixed hybrid denture.

What are the steps in making a denture?

Dentures are made over a series of 6-8 appointments:

  • Appointments 1-2: These are where we capture dental impressions. We want to make sure we have an accurate working model of teeth and/or soft tissue in your mouth.
  • Appointment 3: We will place a band of pink wax on a try-in frame which is custom made to your mouth. This will help identify the best position of the teeth for adequate esthetics, function, and speech.
  • Appointment 4: Our dental laboratory will place denture teeth in the band of pink wax established in appointment 3. This will allow for you to visualize what the final prosthesis will look and feel like. We will test your speech, evaluate your bite, and make sure you are satisfied with the appearance of the denture.
  • Appointment 5: We will provide you with the final denture or partial denture. Minor adjustments may be made to the bite to ensure the teeth fit together in an ideal manor.
  • Appointments 6-8: As your gums adapt to a new prosthesis, the denture may place more pressure in certain areas. This will require adjustments to be made to ensure the denture provides maximum comfort.

If you would like to see how dentures can improve your smile and chewing, contact us today to schedule an appointment!