Dental Implants – In Richmond, VA

Dental implants are a replacement solution for missing teeth. The implant is placed within the jawbone and heals as the bone grows around it. After adequate healing, a tooth can be added to the implant. A single implant is typically used to replace a single tooth, however, multiple implants can be utilized to replace many missing teeth with the use of fixed hybrid restorations or removable dentures.

This image shows a single dental implant before and after the crown is applied to the implant.

What are the advantages of dental implants?

Once a tooth is removed, the bone that originally supported that tooth will slowly shrink with time. Dental implants serve as a solution to replace and mimic a missing tooth in the most natural way possible. Dental implants are a single tooth solution to a single tooth problem. Before implants became a reasonable solution in dentistry, teeth needed to be cut down and connected with bridges in order to replace a missing tooth – effectively making a one tooth problem a three tooth solution.

What are the steps and timelines in implant placement?

  1. Remove unhealthy tooth and place bone graft (allow 3-6 months for healing)
  2. Place implant (allow 3-6 months for healing)
  3. Place implant crown (the tooth that you see) on implant

Dr. Bousaba uses 3-dimensional imaging and digital impressions to determine the precise location in which to place the implant. Within our planning software, Dr. Bousaba identifies the best position to place the implant in order to support the final tooth (or teeth). Once the location of the implant is planned, fabrication of a surgical guide facilitates accurate placement of the implant in the planned position.

After healing of the implant within the jawbone, we digitally design and manufacture a tooth for the implant.

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