Dental Emergencies – In Richmond, VA

We focus on preventative treatment with all our patients in order to prevent the occurrence of dental emergencies. We understand, however, that many individuals in the Richmond area may not have a dentist that they see regularly and are naturally uncomfortable when trying to find a dentist in a state of pain, swelling, or infection. Dr. Bousaba completed his General Practice Residency at a level 1 trauma center that focused heavily on the treatment of dental emergencies and dental trauma. We are well equipped and trained to handle a variety of dental emergencies.

What causes tooth pain?

  • A cavity that has progressed into the nerve of the tooth
  • Gum disease that has progressed around the tooth
  • Current or previous trauma to a tooth that has caused the nerve to degrade
  • Current trauma that caused the tooth to fracture or abruptly move from its existing position

Is tooth sensitivity considered an emergency?

Tooth sensitivity can be uncomfortable and is often caused by exposed tooth root surfaces from gum recession. It can also be caused by the early stages of a cavity which also can causes sensitivity when eating sweet foods.

Are you accepting new patients in your office?

We are happy to see new patients to resolve their discomfort. We will always encourage those patients to establish routine care to address future problems before they get to the point of an emergency. If you are in a state of pain or are having another type of dental emergency, contact us today and we will do our best to see you as quickly as possible.