Dental Bonding – In Richmond, VA

Dental bonding is an all encompassing term that refers to the replacement of tooth structure with an esthetic and life-like dental material. Technically speaking, dental bonding is the process by which a dental material is adhered to the tooth. There are many materials which can be used in conjunction with dental bonding to achieve a natural and beautiful smile.

Composite bonding before and after treatment

Dental bonding is utilized with two classes of materials in mind: composites and ceramics.

Composites are the technical term for tooth-colored-fillings. They are utilized in areas where relatively small amounts of tooth structure are being replaced. Dental composites can be placed and manipulated until the ideal form is reached at which point the application of a blue light hardens the composite material within a matter of seconds.

Dental ceramics are synonymous with crowns and veneers. They are utilized in areas where large amounts of tooth structure are being replaced. These ceramics are designed on a digital or analog model and can be machined or hand-made depending on the level of detail desired.

The two greatest differences between composites and ceramics are strength and control. Composite restorations are indicated in areas where there is sufficient tooth structure for support. Conversely, ceramics are indicated where maximum strength is needed to overcome the forces of chewing. In addition, given ceramics are designed outside of the mouth there is a greater degree of control over the contours and esthetics that can be perfected to achieve a true life-like appearance.

There is no dental material that is a perfect replacement for tooth structure. There are advantages and disadvantages to every dental material that must be evaluated, critiqued, and studied to utilize that material to its greatest capacity. Dr. Bousaba’s passion and desire to understand these materials is the foundation for his attempt to re-create missing tooth structure in its most natural state both functionally and esthetically.

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