Three Dimensional Printing (3-D Printing)

Three Dimensional Printing (3-D Printing) is a technology that is becoming more and more prevalent in today’s world. Jewlery, construction materials, and firearm fabrication are some of the commonly known uses for 3-D printing, but 3-D printing in dentistry has changed the way we perform some common tasks in our office. Many people have beenContinue reading “Three Dimensional Printing (3-D Printing)”

Dental Terminology 101

When you go to the dentist you probably hear your dentist or hygienist rattle off what seem to be random numbers and letters that probably sound like a foreign language. Dental terminology really isn’t all that difficult to understand once you understand a few basic concepts. Tooth Numbers As adult humans we have 32 teethContinue reading “Dental Terminology 101”

We’ve Resumed Our Regular Hours and Treatment: Our COVID-19 Protocols

The initial rollback of restrictions has begun in Virginia. Doctors, dentists, and veterinarians in Richmond are now seeing patients for non-emergency visits. In our practice, we have resumed our regular hours and are performing regular dental treatment, however, we have changed how we run our day-to-day operations to cope with the continuation of the virus.Continue reading “We’ve Resumed Our Regular Hours and Treatment: Our COVID-19 Protocols”

I Have a Missing Tooth: Should I Get an Implant or a Bridge?

The two best options for replacing a missing tooth are a dental implant or a bridge. Let’s start by briefly describing what each option entails. If you look at the illustration below, tooth “a” is on one side of the missing tooth (site “b”) and tooth “c” is on the other side. A bridge involvesContinue reading “I Have a Missing Tooth: Should I Get an Implant or a Bridge?”

What’s the Hype About Electric Toothbrushes?

One of the most common questions patients ask me is, “are electric toothbrushes really better for my teeth?” My answer is always YES. I find myself recommending electric toothbrushes on a daily basis and am always surprised by how many people have never tried one. For some, it may be overwhelming to pick out theContinue reading “What’s the Hype About Electric Toothbrushes?”