Veneers – In Richmond, VA

Veneers are used in a smile makeover to improve color, contour, and the esthetics of a patient’s smile. They are made of porcelain and are adhesively bonded to each tooth individually. Veneers can have a dramatic impact on your smile and are custom made to fit each patient’s individual desires.

What is the treatment process of veneers?

Treatment typically requires 2-3 visits:

  1. The first visit is a planning appointment to ensure your teeth are healthy and stable enough to receive veneers. Digital records may also be taken in order to complete a mock-up of our desired outcome. The mock up can be used as a guide for you to provide feedback about changes that you would like to make to your smile.
  2. The second visit is the first of two treatment appointments. In this stage, the teeth will be shaped to provide a smooth surface with adequate space for the porcelain to be placed. An impression will be captured of your teeth to allow for a ceramist to build the veneers outside of the mouth. At the end of the appointment, temporary restorations will be placed on the teeth until the permanent restorations have been made by the ceramist.
  3. Once the veneers have returned from the ceramist, the final step is permanent cementation where they are adhesively attached to the teeth. We will check your bite to ensure that treatment has not impacted your ability to chew.

How many veneers are recommended?

The number of veneers that will be recommended is truly patient specific. It depends on how many teeth show when the patient smiles and the degree to which we are changing the shapes or color of the teeth. An even number is almost always recommended in order to create symmetry in the final esthetic outcome.

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