Dental Technology

Dental technology is an essential component to our practice and these technologies have allow for our dental appointments to become more comfortable, convenient, and safe for our patients. Dental technology is a constantly evolving field and we pride ourself in staying up-to-date with digital processes and other technologies as they become applicable in the field of dentistry.

What technologies do we offer in our office?

Dr. Joe Bousaba using the CEREC Primescan for fabrication of crowns, inlays, onlays, night guards, clear aligners, and dental implants.

Digital impressions using the CEREC Primescan allows us to capture digital impressions of teeth. Historically, dental impressions were captured with soft, sticky, and flowable materials that often were uncomfortable for patients. Digital impressions capture thousands of photos, stitching them together to form a 3-dimensional model of teeth. These digital impressions can be used to fabricate same day crowns, clear aligners, bite guards, retainers, removable dentures, and many other things. Digital impressions have also improved the turn around time for receiving dental appliances from our dental lab. We now send digital files of models directly to our dental lab through the internet which allows them to begin to fabricate your bite guard, for example, before you leave our office!

Three dimensional x-rays, also known as a Cone Beam CT allows Dr. Bousaba to visualize teeth and bone below the gums. This is particularly useful when placing dental implants, completing bone grafting, and completing root canal therapy. In addition to the Cone Beam CT, we have two dimensional digital x-rays that we use to capture our routine x-rays. Digital x-rays produce immediate images of the teeth and therefore we do not need to wait to have the x-rays exposed in a dark room. They also emit much less radiation that traditional film x-rays and therefore are safer for our patients.

Contact us today to learn more about the dental technology we offer in our practice or how we are expanding our use of dental technology in the future.